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is an audio post-production company making Musical Works & Sound Recordings

for modern media. Based in Sydney, Australia - with clients and collaborators all across the globe.

Home to a collective of uniquely talented & award winning Composers and Sound Designers.

The boutique nature of our studio allows us to join your creative endeavour, providing a professional music and audio post-production service, chiming in at any part of the process, or teaming up for every step of the way - with the integrity & quality expected of a craftsperson.

With our esprit de corps & a philosophy of positive creativity & collaboration – we desire to work on projects that inspire and challenge… & make the world a better place!

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A selection of clients and collaborators:

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"We recognize that business enables art 'to happen,' and that business plays a role in communicating art to a broad audience. So as both artists and businesspersons we understand the value of both, and we bring them together in a way that facilitates the realization of our artistic vision " 

Jim Henson

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