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Creative Director - Composer & Sound Designer 

With a wealth of experience across all aspects of the creative process, Adam’s artistry and vitality runs freely across the fields of music composition and audio production. 


As founder and creative director of Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, Adam has assembled a fine cast of composers, sound designers and audio professionals to deliver original, world class Musical Works & Sound Recordings for modern media. 


As a composer, Adam has provided original scores for films (both animated and live-action) which have amassed millions of streams and enjoyed success at a multitude of international film festivals. Adam’s diverse body of work also includes original music, sound design, music curation and supervision for a number of award winning projects - including TVCs, games (VR and AR), and sound installations - for clients and production companies worldwide.


Adam’s musical voice has been described as sophisticated and nuanced - emotively insightful and poetically functional, with a melodic sensibility that at times, harks back to his South American and European ancestry. Adam is also an award winning sound designer, which deepens his understanding of the potential of sound in story telling and expands his sonic palette and scope for experimentation. 

An advocate for inspired and meaningful collaboration, Adam strives to ensure that the details speak to the bigger picture, creating a unique and meaningful sound world for every story.  

A passionate producer and mix engineer with a deep commitment to artistic integrity and development - Adam has worked with a number of recording artists, singer-songwriters & bands.

Adam works between his private studio, and world-class production suite in Ultimo, Sydney.


Adam is a full member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers and the Australian Screen Sound Guild.

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Mix Engineer, Composer

A talented Multi-Instrumentalist, fated to make music from an early age. As a baby, a plectrum necklace was John’s most beloved sleeping aid… So, it wasn’t long before John’s love for music was realised.

By his teens, John was exploring and refining his musical craft (playing guitars, bass, keyboards) in recording studios and on stages across Sydney…

And a noisy “post-grunge, alternate pop/rock” group was the beginning of the electric creative synergy that John shares with Adam Alexander to this day!

With a Music Degree majoring in Performance, Improvisation and Technology, John is a respected and in-demand collaborator - continuing his adventures in sound as a Mix and Recording Engineer, Producer and Composer. 

... And when he's not in the studio, he's fixing your guitar!

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An eclectic musical soul with a career spanning 20 years, Gavin started out as the Guitarist for international act Jamiroquai – performing on the road and in the studio for the group’s first two albums.

Gavin has enjoyed success as an artist in his own right with his band Samuel Purdey, releasing the critically acclaimed album “Musically Adrift”.


As part of the production team “Spacemonkeyz”, Gavin remixed The Gorillaz debut album… Their record “Laika Come Home” has since become the biggest selling “Dub” album ever!!


Gavin is an experienced Composer of music for TV – most notably a whole evening dedicated to the life of Evel Knievel shown on the BBC.

Zazous is Gavin's latest (and long awaited!) release of original material!  

Exciting news on TEAM coming soon !!!