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Adam Alexander _

Creative Director, Composer, Sound Designer + Music Producer 


With a wealth of experience across all aspects of the creative process, Adam’s artistry and vitality runs freely across the fields of music composition and sound production. 


Having provided original score and sound for films (both animated and live-action) which have amassed millions of streams and enjoyed success at a multitude of international film festivals, Adam’s diverse body of work includes original music, sound design, music curation and supervision for a number of award-winning projects - including TVCs, games (VR and AR) and sound installations - for clients and production companies worldwide. 


As a composer and sound designer, Adam’s work has been described as sophisticated and nuanced - emotively insightful and poetically functional. With an ability to ensure that the detail speaks to the bigger picture, Adam possesses an artistry and zest that allows him to create meaningful and unique sound worlds for every project. 


As a music director, producer and engineer, Adam has worked with a number of high-profile Australian recording artists.


Adam is a member of the ARIA Voting Academy, Australian Guild of Screen Composers and the Australian Screen Sound Guild.



It was apparent from an early age that John was fated for a life lived in sound and music. A plectrum necklace was John’s most beloved sleeping aid as todler and wasn’t long before he was re-wiring his parents’ home sound system and guitar amps, experimenting with tape machines and vinyl transfers.


By his teens, John was writing and refining his musical craft (playing guitars, bass, keyboards) in recording studios and on stages across Sydney… And a noisy “post-grunge, alternate pop/rock” group was the beginning of the electric creative synergy that John shares with Adam Alexander to this day.   


With a Music Degree majoring in Performance, Improvisation and Technology, and a heart of gold - John is a respected and in-demand collaborator. A gifted musician, arranger, and technician, all of which inform his approach and drive his passion for crafting inspired and timeless sound mixes.

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Composer + Music Producer 


Gavin cut his teeth in London in the early 90’s. A stalwart of the Acid Jazz scene. His first notable break came as guitarist for Jamiroquai, both in the studio and on the road. He toured extensively promoting Jamiroquai’s first two record breaking albums.

Gavin’s next venture was with his own act Samuel Purdey signing to Sony in the mid 90’s. Whilst not gaining the commercial success the band deserved, the critical acclaim has never wained. Some 25 years since it’s initial release, the album “Musically Adrift” has been re-released 5 times.

Gavin then teamed up with old Jamiroquai bandmate Darren Galea and drummer Richie Stevens to form Spacemonkeyz. After hearing their remix of “Tomorrow Comes Today,” Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, commissioned the trio to remix the Gorillaz debut album. “Laika Come Home” was released in 2002, and soon became a firm fan favourite. Cuts from the record still feature in Gorillaz live performances to this day.

A move to Australia followed where he teamed up with Bamm Bamm Wolfgang to collaborate on music for film and advertising. 

Gavin's latest musical venture is Mighty Mezz, a production duo with Adam Alexander - whose funk / soul / pop debut album “Let’s Go, Shorty!” is OUT NOW via BMG (UK).


 COMPOSER + sound designer 

A veteran of the industry, having worn almost every creative hat there is - John is an ARIA nominated Record Producer, Film Composer and Sound Designer, Artist and Songwriter. 

From Orchestrating records at Abbey Road, writing music for advertising in New York and showcasing his band Tenderfoot at Soho Houses across the US, John’s music has taken him all over the world. He has scored and designed sound for successful campaigns for clients including QANTAS, AMEX, Sydney Opera House, Hello Fresh, Dollar Shave Club, Comcast, Honey, Harley Davidson, Gold Coast Tourism, Hungry Jacks and more. His work for library companies has seen his songs gain thousands of placements across a wide variety of TV shows, films, trailers and ads.


John recently scored his first feature film - ‘Tall Poppy’, a documentary about Australian Olympic Skateboarder Poppy Starr Olsen, following Poppy's journey from early age up until the Toyko Olympics in 2021. John also worked under David Holden on the U.S film ‘Saving Paradise’.


John’s voice is instantly recognisable, as the frontman and lead singer of the Australian band Tenderfoot. As a producer, John developed Australian artist Andy Golledge - seeing Andy sign with I OH YOU records and producing both Andy’s debut EP ‘Namoi’ and debut album ‘Strength Of a Queen’, as well as collecting the 2018 Americana Music Prize of Australia for ‘1170’.

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