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Bamm Bamm Wolfgang is home to a collective of uniquely talented & award-winning composers and sound designers.

Our studio facilitates world-class bespoke service for all aspects of audio production, with ambition and a unique care and commitment towards our partners and clients.

Our artistry is sound and music, in service of a story or creative vision.

Our experience ensures meaningful collaboration, across every part of the production process (or at any step along the way), with the integrity and quality expected of a craftsperson.

We pride ourselves on ensuring every detail of sound and music speaks to the bigger picture.


"Endlessly creative, overflowing with a fury of clever and original ideas, Adam was an absolute joy to work with. He has a prodigious ear for a project’s needs and is able to maintain a mile-high view while addressing all the nuances and details required without skipping a beat. All these exceptional traits come packaged in one of the most compassionate and spirited people you’ll ever meet. I relish working with him again and again..."

Todd heyman - director, bose "lose yourself' tvc


' We begin to hear before we are born...

Sound rules as solitary Queen of our senses.'

- Walter Murch 

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